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What Makes MustardHub Different

We’re small business friendly and are built to accommodate organizations with a flexible workforce like independent contractors, part-timers, gig workers, and more. With core values that include inclusivity and flexibility, companies can add an unlimited amount of premium or standard (free) members, with no minimum!

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In addition to lifestyle and health & wellness benefits, MustardHub also has an exclusive partnership with Mustard Brokers to help all workers, regardless of classification, get access to group-style benefits on supplemental health coverage, personal and professional lines of insurance.

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You’ll find MustardHub has 75-80% lower upfront costs than competitors, making it a perfect solution for small businesses, associations, unions, and companies that work with contractors or a flexible workforce. Breathe easy knowing you’re reducing tax liabilities, and there are no required yearly commitments, contracts, or minimum contributions.

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