8 Examples of Employee Incentive Programs

Published on July 18, 2023 by MustardHub Admin

Employee incentive schemes are designed to motivate and engage employees, ultimately benefiting both the individuals and the organization. Designing an employee incentive program can be a challenging task due to several factors. Since every organization has its own unique needs, goals and workforce dynamics, tailoring the program to fit these specific requirements can be difficult. 

Additionally, organizations often have a diverse workforce with employees who have different preferences and motivations, making it challenging to create incentives that appeal to everyone. Some employees are full-time or salaries, while many may be part-time, volunteer, or independent contractors. 

Budget constraints can limit the range and extent of incentives that can be offered. And finally, measuring the effectiveness of the program and ensuring that it aligns with the organization’s overall goals and values adds another layer of complexity. 

Overall, the complexity lies in finding the right balance between customization, budget, and effectiveness to create an incentive program that truly motivates and engages employees. Here’s a brief overview 8 popular employee incentive scheme examples:

  1. A reward and recognition program
  2. A comprehensive perks package
  3. Employee wellbeing benefits
  4. Profit-sharing plans
  5. Flexible working options
  6. Additional time off and unlimited annual leave
  7. Professional development options
  8. Bonuses and raises

1. Rewards and recognition program

An employee rewards and recognition program is designed to acknowledge and appreciate employees’ efforts, achievements, and contributions within an organization. It aims to create a positive work culture, increase employee engagement, and motivate individuals to perform at their best.

Implementing a reward and recognition program is a highly effective strategy for enhancing employee motivation and engagement. Acknowledging the efforts of socially-driven employees is especially vital, whether it comes from peers or higher-level management. Moreover, in today’s increasingly prevalent remote work environment, it is essential to recognize that reduced interaction among colleagues may not be well received by your teams.

MustardHub is a comprehensive rewards and recognition platform, whose value can be appreciated by the entire team, regardless of location or role. Managers and team members can show appreciation for a colleague’s contribution and deliver rewards, and that show of gratitude, to engage one another instantly. Interesting ideas to incorporate into your rewards systems may include:

  • Gift cards
  • Financial subsidies for health & wellness programs
  • Employee of the month
  • Public praise
  • Time off or retreat
  • Meal stipend
  • Performance-linked bonuses

2. A comprehensive discounts & perks package:

Perks large and small can significantly impact your employees’ lives, provide comfort, and improve their financial well-being. Even a cup of coffee can go a long way to show appreciation and over time the savings can substantially add up.

MustardHub provides extensive discount benefits through partnerships with renowned retailers worldwide, helping your team members and employees save money on various everyday purchases or one in a lifetime experiences. With MustardHub, you can allocate points to your employees, enabling them to get discounts up to 100% off whatever they wish. 

3. Employee wellbeing benefits:

Organizations recognize the importance of fostering both mental and physical well-being in their employees to enhance their performance. It is widely acknowledged that cultivating healthy habits can be tough, particularly as the demands of our personal and professional lives intertwine.

With our MustardHub Health Advisor partner, teams can access customized, nationwide PPO health insurance plans for individuals, business owners, 1099 workers, and more at low or no deductible, and low max out-of-pocket. Supplemental group health is available too, like vision, dental, life, disability, and more. 

Benefit from savings on major medical, health & wellness programs, telemedicine programs with $0 deductive and no copay, supplemental health coverages, and personal and professional lines of insurance.

4. Profit-sharing plans:

Profit-sharing programs are a great way to enhance the culture transformation elements often sought after. Employee retention, engagement, and motivation can be significantly impacted when employees will see the fruits of their labor. By distributing payments based on profit sharing, individuals develop a sense of belonging within the company, and as a result, you may observe a greater likelihood of colleagues staying with the organization for an extended period, as they directly reap the rewards of its accomplishments.

5. Flexible working options:

Flexible working options offer numerous benefits for companies. They enhance productivity and efficiency by allowing employees to optimize their work schedule and environment. Flexible arrangements contribute to improved employee satisfaction and well-being, leading to higher engagement and commitment. They also attract and retain top talent, as professionals highly value work-life balance and flexibility. Companies can achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies by reducing office space and equipment expenses. And embracing flexible work practices fosters a positive work culture and positions companies for long-term success.

6. Additional time off and unlimited annual leave:

Additional time off and unlimited annual leave policies offer significant benefits for both employees and businesses. For employees, these policies promote work-life balance, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. They provide the flexibility to take time off when needed, enhancing mental health and preventing burnout. This leads to increased job satisfaction, higher productivity, and improved employee retention.

From a business perspective, these policies contribute to a positive company culture and employee morale. They attract top talent and serve as a competitive advantage in recruitment. Additionally, employees who have the freedom to take time off when necessary are more likely to return to work rejuvenated and motivated. Moreover, these policies can reduce absenteeism, as employees can take time off without feeling the need to justify every absence. Overall, additional time off and unlimited annual leave policies create a win-win situation, promoting employee well-being and contributing to the long-term success of businesses.

7. Professional development options:

Professional development offers opportunities for growth, learning new skills, and advancing their careers. Employees who receive ongoing professional development are more engaged, motivated, and likely to stay with the company long-term.

From a business perspective, investing in professional development cultivates a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. It improves productivity, innovation, and overall performance. Companies that prioritize employee development are more attractive to top talent and have a competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, a culture of continuous learning and development promotes a positive work environment, increases employee loyalty, and reduces turnover. Ultimately, integrating professional development into the benefits strategy aligns the growth of employees with the strategic goals of the organization, leading to mutual success.

8. Bonuses and raises:

This probably comes as no surprise, but bonuses and raises serve as powerful motivators for success and are integral components of a comprehensive benefits strategy. By linking financial rewards directly to individual or team performance, they incentivize employees to strive for excellence and achieve outstanding results. Bonuses and raises not only recognize and reward employees’ hard work and contributions but also reinforce a culture of meritocracy and performance-driven excellence.

These incentives have a profound impact on employee morale, job satisfaction, and engagement, leading to increased productivity and a stronger commitment to organizational goals. Moreover, bonuses and raises help attract and retain top talent, as they demonstrate an organization’s commitment to recognizing and valuing employee contributions. When integrated into a well-designed benefits strategy, bonuses and raises can contribute to a positive work environment, foster a sense of fairness and equity, and ultimately drive individual and team performance to new heights.

What incentives should you include? 

Each company is unique, and therefore, the incentives they include in their employee benefits package will vary. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to designing an incentive program. Factors such as company culture, industry, employee demographics, and business goals all play a role in determining the most effective incentives for a particular organization. What works well for one company may not necessarily work for another.

Understanding the specific needs and preferences of employees is essential in tailoring an incentive program to suit the organization. Conducting thorough research, analyzing employee feedback, and benchmarking against industry standards can help identify the incentives that will be most meaningful and impactful for the workforce. By customizing the incentives to align with the company’s values and the desires of its employees, organizations can create a more engaging and motivating work environment that supports talent attraction, retention, and overall business success.

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