Ensuring Employee Retention in the Moving Industry

Published on October 10, 2023 by MustardHub Admin

When gearing up for the hectic peak season, several considerations come into play. From recruiting new personnel to managing a flurry of moves, your aim is to assemble an exceptional team and retain them. Here are strategies to minimize turnover and foster employee loyalty during this demanding period.

In the Recruitment Phase 

Retaining employees during the busy season begins with hiring the right individuals. Instead of hastily hiring the first dozen applicants, a systematic approach can yield long-term benefits. Here’s what you should keep in mind when selecting personnel for your moving company.

Prioritize Character During Interviews and Onboarding 

Seek motivated team players as your company’s backbone. During interviews, pose questions that reveal their proactiveness and communication skills. Anecdotal inquiries provide insights into their problem-solving abilities. Ask yourself if they exhibit dedication or are inclined to take shortcuts. During onboarding, ensure new hires engage with your team and inquire about your company.

Recruit Candidates Committed to Long-Term Employment 

Unless you’re seeking short-term assistance, focus on hiring individuals looking for sustained employment. Discuss their future aspirations during interviews to ensure alignment.

Strengthen Your Compensation and Benefits Package

Company culture can easily be influenced by how much the company shows its appreciation for its team. A stronger benefits package shows that the company is investing in its people and their alignment is important to the bigger picture. MustardHub is built for businesses large and small, with discounts & perks, exclusive vendor partners, gift cards, and a variety of insurance options through an agency partner dedicated to each individual’s health and wellness. 

Keeping Employees Engaged

In the moving industry, aligning personal visions and career goals with your company’s values is vital. The first step is hiring like-minded individuals, but sustaining their engagement requires a more nuanced approach. Investing in your employees translates to their investment in your company.

Leverage Technology for Efficiency 

Facilitate your employees’ tasks by providing them with the necessary technology. A comprehensive client management system that grants access to customer information, automates tasks, and streamlines workflows can save valuable hours.

Foster Employee Satisfaction Through Social Interaction 

A substantial majority of employees consider having friends at work crucial for a happy professional life. Since movers might have limited opportunities to bond on the job, creating platforms like employee groups can promote camaraderie, as well as peer to peer giving and recognition programs like those found on MustardHub. A connected team tends to be happier and more likely to stay.

Promote Open Communication 

Ensure employees feel valued by maintaining transparent two-way communication. Recognize their achievements, listen to their concerns, and encourage feedback through surveys. Honest, constructive feedback and openness to receiving input are essential during meetings and reviews.

Invest in Employee Training 

Offer training programs to provide career growth opportunities within your company. Regular reviews should outline each employee’s path, whether it involves a promotion or not.

Equip Movers for Success 

As moving can be physically demanding, prepare your movers for each task and prioritize their safety. Stock moving trucks with essentials like water, snacks, gloves, and safety gear to demonstrate care for their well-being.

Conduct Regular Company-Wide Meetings 

Meeting frequently helps you stay connected with your entire team. Share company updates, employee news, and commendations for hard work during these sessions.

Employee Appreciation Ideas 

Beyond monetary rewards, showing appreciation goes a long way. Implement creative gestures to make your employees feel valued during and beyond the busy season.

Offer Physical Health Support 

Arrange monthly visits from physical therapists, chiropractors, or masseuses to keep your movers in good condition and prevent injuries.

Provide Fitness Benefits 

Support your employees’ health with discounted gym memberships, fostering fitness and expanding your network by partnering with local gyms.

Celebrate Milestones 

Acknowledge employee achievements, such as reaching the one-year mark or receiving exceptional customer feedback, to boost morale.

Host Special Events 

You don’t need extravagant parties to convey appreciation. Modest gatherings like a company BBQ or a holiday gift exchange can enhance team spirit.

Recognize Birthdays 

Extend birthday wishes to employees, either through a group card or personal greetings, to show appreciation for them as individuals.

Encourage Peer Appreciation 

Promote public expressions of gratitude between employees during staff meetings, allowing coworkers to recognize each other’s contributions.

Reward Positive Reviews 

Highlight movers who receive positive reviews on platforms like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau at monthly meetings, demonstrating your appreciation and motivating others to excel.

In the realm of employee retention, company culture plays a pivotal role. MustardHub is a critical element of the strategy when engaging your workforce and promoting a healthier culture that can help attract talent and overcome turnover issues. Implement these strategies during the busy and slow seasons to cultivate enduring professional relationships with content and loyal staff members.


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