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Published on November 5, 2023 by MustardHub Admin

The Ongoing Challenge of High Turnover in the Spa Industry

The spa industry has long grappled with a high rate of staff turnover, even in pre-pandemic times. The average career span for therapists in this industry is notably short, with varying figures ranging from as little as 18 months to a maximum of eight years. This relatively brief tenure falls significantly short of what might be considered a full working life for most professions.

Physical demands of being a massage therapist

Several factors contribute to this high turnover rate. The physically demanding nature of the job, coupled with the emotional strain as therapists often find themselves in the role of unqualified counselors, contributes significantly to burnout. Spa business owners have always needed to go the extra mile to support their teams, a challenge that dedicated owners have tackled head-on. Post-Covid, with heightened risk management awareness and a surge in demand following the reopening of salons, providing appropriate training and comprehensive care packages for staff has become even more crucial.

The Vital Role of Staff Support

Recognizing the inherent challenges, it’s important to underscore the need for robust staff support. While high staff turnover is prevalent, it’s essential to provide employees with compelling reasons to stay. For instance, at some spas where benefits and wellness programs are prevalent, therapists tend to stay an average of four to five years, with some employees having stayed over a dozen years. The key is to make your spa an appealing and supportive workplace. To achieve this, a multi-faceted approach is necessary.

In the spa industry, genuine passion is a driving force. The nature of the work requires a deep-seated love for what you do. However, some individuals may temporarily fall out of love with their roles, leading to a dip in their enthusiasm and productivity. It’s crucial for employers to understand these phases and allow space for a potential return after a break.

Multifaceted approach to increasing retention 

There are many tactics spa owners can take to increase employee retention. Dedicating significant time and resources to training staff can ensure the success of a therapist with little work experience. Providing private health insurance cash plans, proactive measures to address injuries that often lead to staff departures, and offering perks and benefits like MustardHub, an extra day off on birthdays, and standard commissions can all increase employee retention and attract and recruit new talent. This profession demands genuine passion, and when individuals lose their enthusiasm for it, they tend to move on!

Hiring Challenges in the Spa Industry Amid High Growth

These retention efforts come at a time when the spa industry is experiencing remarkable growth. Spas are busier than ever, creating a pressing need for fully staffed facilities. However, the challenge remains that business owners must still be discerning in their hiring to ensure alignment with their brand and team. Rushing to fill positions with the wrong candidates can have detrimental consequences.

Spas are bustling with activity, which makes it the least opportune moment to grapple with staff retention issues. At present, it’s imperative that spa owners maintain a complete workforce, but also exercise caution when bringing in new team members to ensure they align with the organization’s brand and team seamlessly.

Prioritizing Wellness in the Spa Industry

The spa industry plays an increasingly important role in promoting wellness, both for clients and staff. Therapists’ well-being is of paramount importance, and to ensure their job satisfaction and longevity in the industry, the right strategies must be in place. This involves upholding training standards, providing the tools to safeguard themselves and their clients, and fostering a supportive work environment. In these ways, the industry can not only attract fresh talent but also prevent the loss of experienced professionals, ultimately contributing to its continued growth and success.

In the larger context, we recognize the vital role wellness plays in society, with its immense value to individuals. It’s crucial that we care for our therapists, ensuring their training meets appropriate standards, providing them with the tools to safeguard themselves and vulnerable clients, and offering robust support within their roles. This approach not only encourages new professionals to join the industry but also prevents skilled individuals from leaving it prematurely.At MustardHub, we provide spa owners and managers a tool to enrich their company culture by offering personalized benefits for a diversified workforce that attract talent, enhance loyalty and reduce turnover.


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