Understanding Staff Turnover Trends in Salons

Published on July 18, 2023 by MustardHub Admin

Being a salon owner can often feel like a solitary endeavor. There are questions about whether turnover rates are typical or whether other salons face similar employee turnover challenges. While there are various reasons for salon professionals leaving their positions, such as relocation, parenthood, or significant life changes, it is evident that when employees feel valued, they are more likely to stay.

The same principle applies to booth rental and salon suite rental. As human beings, we all crave opportunities for personal growth and the sense of alignment with our work environment. When salon companies invest in their top talent and when managers and owners genuinely care about their existing employees, turnover rates tend to decrease.

Why do salon owners struggle to retain beauty professionals? 

The beauty salon industry is inherently driven by emotions. Although financial stability is crucial, it becomes less meaningful when employees do not feel valued or believe their opinions hold significance at work. Some beauty professionals, including hair stylists, nail technicians, and others, may initially view their jobs as stepping stones in their careers. It is often the case that salon professionals do not start with this mindset, but it gradually develops over time.

Problems arise when salon professionals feel that their innovative ideas are disregarded, and their career growth is stifled. This can lead them to contemplate their future career paths, potentially envisioning a future outside of their current place of employment.

Insights and strategies to reduce turnover in salons.

Salons with lower turnover rates are those that invest in their staff. It can be disheartening for employees when their efforts go unrecognized or unsupported. Demonstrating a commitment to your salon’s staff by offering additional services and support can foster a sense of belonging and appreciation.

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in understanding how employees feel about their roles. Regularly engaging with your staff and actively seeking their input can significantly enhance their job satisfaction.

Key reasons for salon industry professionals leaving their jobs. 

  • Inadequate Training: Salon consumers demand top-notch services, and when salon professionals are not adequately trained to meet business standards, it can severely affect their confidence.
  • Misalignment with Business Values: Hiring a stylist who values environmental sustainability in a non-eco-friendly salon creates a misalignment of values. Strong salons excel in communication, enabling both owners and future employees to understand each other’s expectations.
  • Adapting to Workplace Trends: The salon industry no longer adheres to a traditional 40-hour workweek. Instead, it has shifted towards providing fair pay, opportunities for growth, freedom, and flexibility. Professionals entering the industry often prioritize the freedom to provide a range of services and flexible scheduling.
  • Industry Growth for Seasoned Professionals: Booth rental has become a prominent trend among seasoned salon professionals. However, this transition can come without proper consideration of the demands of running a successful beauty business. Salon companies can strengthen their positions by offering the freedoms that booth renters enjoy.

Insights from salon industry statistics 

Contrary to common assumptions, salon industry turnover rates may not be as high as previously believed. Surveys conducted with over 10,000 salon professionals, each with at least five years of experience, have revealed some intriguing statistics.

  • Working in Single Salons: Approximately 7% of salon professionals have dedicated their entire careers to a single salon. This group has found a comfortable work environment that aligns with their needs and provides long-term stability.
  • Transitioning to Multiple Salons: As professionals gain experience, they often explore various salons. Around 18% have worked in two different salons, indicating adaptability and a willingness to diversify their work experiences.
  • Constant Change: The numbers decrease as professionals transition to additional salons. For example, 8% have worked in five salons, suggesting a preference for change or a quest for the ideal work environment.

Understanding the reasons behind turnover.

The salon industry’s turnover rate can be attributed to various factors, such as the pursuit of career advancement, seeking a cultural fit, or adapting to market trends. As the salon industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for owners to recognize that valuing their staff and creating a positive work environment are essential for retaining the best talent in the market.

Salons, stylists, and the whole cosmetology industry are characterized by unique dynamics and an ever-changing landscape. High turnover rates can be mitigated by recognizing the value of salon professionals, aligning with their values, providing adequate training, and adapting to industry trends.

Understanding the reasons behind salon professionals leaving their positions is vital for both salon owners and professionals. Appreciation and recognition are ways to help narrow any misalignment between employees and companies. Benefits both big and small, are incredibly effective in promoting strong company values and positive workplace culture. MustardHub is unique in its ability to help engage the workforce and transform company culture into a destination for workplace happiness. By fostering work environments that promote growth, satisfaction, and longevity, the industry can nurture talent and create a more sustainable future for all stakeholders.


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