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A comprehensive benefits platform designed for small businesses that helps attract and retain team members and transform company culture, in one simple ecosystem.

MustardHub Mission

Our Mission

MustardHub aims to be a trusted source where companies of all sizes can demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of and appreciation for workers of all classification types. As such, we're democratizing access to perks and benefits for all individuals, regardless of employment classification at a cost specifically tailored to small business budgets.

Our Story

As fellow small business owners, we understand the challenges of attracting and retaining employees without the support of comprehensive benefits. We faced the same struggles and discovered a lack of viable solutions in the market. That's why we took matters into our own hands.

Introducing MustardHub, the ultimate benefits and perks platform designed specifically for small businesses. We provide access to top-tier benefits typically associated with larger companies, for organizations that work with teams of full time, part-time, and/or independent contractors. With MustardHub, you can effortlessly attract, invest in, and retain the talented workforce that drives your business forward.

Why MustardHub?

This is how small businesses who work with flexible and diversified workforces solve their persistent recruiting, retention and loyalty problems.

MustardHub Mission

With MustardHub, organizations can provide customizable perks, incentives and benefits across a broad range of categories that help attract, retain, and incentivize flexible and diversified workforces to build better alignment, loyalty, and longevity.

4-Step Guide To Solving Your Recruiting & Retention Woes

Uncover the key to solving your recruitment and retention challenges with our insightful "4-Step Guide To Solving Your Recruiting & Retention Woes". Elevate your employee engagement and satisfaction today!

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See What Makes MustardHub Different

We’re small business friendly and are built to accommodate organizations with a flexible workforce like independent contractors, part-timers, gig workers, and more. With core values that include inclusivity and flexibility, companies can add an unlimited amount of premium or standard (free) members, with no minimum!

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In addition to health, wellness, and lifestyle benefits, MustardHub also has an exclusive Health Advisor partner to help all workers, regardless of employment classification, get access to group-style health insurance benefits and supplemental group health coverage.

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MustardHub boasts 75-80% lower upfront costs than competitors, making it an ideal solution for small businesses, associations, and organizations that rely on small teams, contractors or flexible workforces. Rest easy knowing that you can reduce tax liabilities, and there are no mandatory yearly commitments, contracts, or required minimum contributions.

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